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Residential Electrical Repairs

The Best Residential Electrical Repairs in Yonkers, New York

Do You Have A Residential Electrical Repair We Can Help With?

Residential Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repair

For wiring problems, faulty appliances, or fuse box overloads, we are the home electricians to call.

We can fix any residential electrical issue, from fixing malfunctioning light switches and wall sockets to replacing your home’s power box or installing surge protectors around your home.

We guarantee our work and your satisfaction and would like to talk to you about your residential electric repair job.

Light Fixture Repair

We can replace the lighting inside your home, fix ballasts and wiring, and check all connections to ensure your home lighting always works. We can even replace your light fixtures to ones that are more your style.

From lamps and ceiling fan repairs to vanity lighting and light fixture installations, we can do it all.

Exterior Lighting

We can install new lighting on the outside of your home, including security lighting. If you are having problems with your exterior lighting, our residential home repair experts have the expertise to get your lights working quickly and with more cost savings for you.