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Commercial Electrical Repairs

The Best Commercial Electrical Repair Specialists in Yonkers, New York

Do You Have A Commercial Electrical Repair We Can Help With?

Commercial Electrical Services

At Li Home Repair and Maintenance, we have the latest commercial electrician tools, information, and technology to ensure your safety and success. We know how difficult it is to run a business without having to worry about faulty electrical systems or other electric issues. That’s why we strive to perform all electrical work properly the first time in order to prevent safety hazards and the hassles of future operational delays.

Whether your business is a restaurant, retail establishment, industrial facility, or any other, we will provide you with detailed explanations of your electrical issues and provide you with honest quotes so that you can decide the best course of action for your business needs.

Commercial Electrical Installations

For new wiring, lighting, appliances, and machine installations, we can do the job to your ultimate satisfaction. We are familiar with the installation and operation of many of today’s top brands of electrical equipment. Our technicians will ensure that your new electrical install is in the best working order before we pack up and leave for the day. That’s our promise to you as your local Yonkers commercial electrician.

Commercial Electrical Upgrades

Older machines and appliances can cost you big on energy expenditures and even more on regular maintenance and repair fees. If your wiring is old, you could experience fraying or other similar problems. Let our commercial electrician specialists upgrade your machines, appliances, lighting, and wiring, for greater energy savings, less need for maintenance, and to prevent future electrical problems.

Electrical Repair

Once we detect a problem with wiring, ballasts, machines, or appliances, we get to work quickly so as to get your business back up to operational speed. Our electricians provide strict attention-to-detail and go above and beyond to prevent any unnecessary problems in the future. Our goal is to provide you with effective electrical services on your budget and timetable.

Specialty Lighting Repairs, Installations & Upgrades

We can provide you with state-of-the-art security lighting for the interior and exterior of your business. These include motion lights, security camera installations, and security lighting upgrades to ensure your business is always protected, even at night.

Circuit Installations & Upgrades

We want to ensure that power is getting to the necessary components by inspecting and maintaining your commercial circuitry systems. If there is overload or some other issue, we can upgrade your circuitry systems for more efficiency and energy savings.

Electrical Diagnosis

For lights that flicker or don’t work, machines and appliances that don’t operate as they should, or frightening sparks where there shouldn’t be any, we can quickly diagnose and repair any commercial electrical problem.

Energy Savings & Audits

If your commercial electrical components aren’t working efficiently, you could be spending more than is necessary in energy costs. If you suspect that your energy bills are higher than they should be, our electricians can perform a full electrical audit. If appliances or machines do need to be maintained, repaired, or replaced, we will provide you with a fast quote and even quicker service to help you save.

Electrical System Maintenance

An electrical malfunction could lead to expensive business disruptions. Our commercial electrical experts are skilled at ensuring your equipment always works as it should. We can check wiring, circuitry, appliances, and machines. If, during our regular maintenance checks, we find an issue that requires electrical repair, we’ll get the system working quickly to give you peace of mind.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Other than ensuring that your electrical systems are working properly and efficiently, one of our primary goals is keeping everyone safe. That includes you, your employees, and customers. Our electricians are the ones to trust for all safety inspections of wiring, appliances, and other electric components.

Generator Repairs & Maintenance

A generator can ensure your business remains in operation even when the lights go out. Our electricians work with top brands of generators and generator systems. We can perform generator installations, repairs, and maintenance. That way, the next time there’s a power outage, you can remain confident that your business will remain safe, protected, and in full operation.

Fire Alarm System Repairs & Installations

In order to remain code compliant, your business must have fully-operational fire alarm systems. If your fire alarms are aging or faulty, we can arrive quickly to get your system back up to proper working order. Our fire alarm system repairs and maintenance are guaranteed to help your business remain code compliant while helping you rest easy that your commercial investment is always in great hands.

New Construction & Remodeling Wiring

For new construction and remodeling projects, you want a wiring expert who will work diligently and carefully so as to prevent future problems. We can perform electrical wiring jobs on the smallest offices and largest warehouse operations. Call today and tell us about your project and we’ll provide you with a free and fast quote.

Code Updates & Corrections

If you have received a code violation due to aging, faulty, or inefficient electrical systems, we can help. We can maintain, upgrade, and repair any electrical systems to keep any expensive and business-disrupting code violations at bay.

Surge Protection & Wiring Upgrades

Our surge protection services will keep your business protected, even when a power surge occurs. We can install surge protectors throughout your property and upgrade all wiring to keep your business operational and efficient no matter what.